Na bijna 5 jaar stop ik met het ontwikkelen van de Waterpolo iOS apps

Bijna 5 jaar na de release van versie 1.0 heb ik vandaag besloten te stoppen met het ontwikkelen van de Waterpolo apps voor iOS. Ik heb deze keuze gemaakt vanwege een aantal redenen. De grootste reden is dat vandaag mij het bericht bereikte dat de sportlink competitie data niet meer beschikbaar zal zijn voor de apps. Wedstrijdschema’s en uitslagen zijn vanaf begin af aan al een belangrijke feature van de apps geweest. Daarnaast ben ik zelf inmiddels al enkele jaren op geen enkele manier meer actief in het waterpolo. Hierdoor is het voor mij ook niet meer interessant om er veel tijd en moeite te stoppen in het bedenken van een nieuwe route voor de apps.

Via deze weg wil ik de vele actieve gebruikers ook graag bedanken. De waterpolo app is de eerste app welke ik heb gereleased in de App Store. Inmiddels werk ik full time als developer en heb meerdere nieuwe apps gereleased. De waterpolo app heeft van deze apps niet de meeste gebruikers, maar heeft wel een erg actieve en betrokken groep van gebruikers.

Sinds de eerste versie welke op 7 December 2010 gereleased werd is ook er veel veranderd. Onderstaand een aantal screenshots welke ik tegenkwam van de eerste versie en wat screenshots van de laatste versie ter vergelijking.

Versie 1.0


Versie 4.5


Wat het directe gevolg zal zijn moet ik de komende tijd nog even aan kijken. De app is op dit moment nog gewoon te downloaden uit de App Store, maar zal niet meer onderhouden worden. Heb je hierover vragen, opmerkingen of ideeën? Laat het weten in de comments of stuur me een berichtje.

Introducing Lockscreen Wallpaper Designer 1.1

Lockscreen Wallpaper Designer was created to make it as easy as possible to create the perfect iOS lockscreen. The first big update which will make this even easier is available in the App Store now.

The update includes one of the most anticipated iOS8 features: app extensions. With the iOS8 app extension, you can now create wallpapers right from the Camera Roll, from an e-mail, from a text message and from other supported apps. This makes creating the perfect lockscreen even easier because you don’t need to leave the current application.

Version 1.1 also brings a variety of new user requested shapes to choose from, fixes for reported issues and multiple changes based on user feedback.

Lockscreen Wallpaper Designer 1.1 is available on the iOS App Store as a free update to existing users and is available for $1.99 for new users.




Grote update voor waterpolo Apps op iPhone en iPad nu beschikbaar

Met ruim 1.500 gebruikers op de iPhone en ruim 400 op de iPad, zijn beide apps inmiddels omarmt door een grote groep waterpolo-liefhebbers. Sinds de 1.0 versie welke in December 2010 gelanceerd werd, is er al een hoop veranderd. Continu heb ik geprobeerd de wensen van de gebruikers te vervullen met nieuwe functies en andere verzoeken. Zo ook vandaag: ik ben blij om te kunnen mededelen dat sinds vandaag de 3.0 versie te downloaden is uit de App Store! Deze update is uiteraard gratis voor bestaande gebruikers. In het onderstaande artikelen laat ik een aantal van de grote veranderingen zien.

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New iPad’s Retina display: how to reduce image file size?

Even till the day of the Keynote about the new iPad, I couldn’t believe the rumours telling the new iPad will have a Retina Display. I thought it was a too big challenge for the Apple engineers to make a resolution of 1536 x 2048 pixels was workable for a mobile device. I was waiting for Apple coming with some smart solution to up the screens resolution, without doubling the size in both directions. Apple actually surprised me by releasing the new iPad with this ridiculous big screen. As a user, this was off course fantastic news! As a developer, just doubling the size of my artwork wasn’t enough.

When I started working on my first app update to support the Retina display, I found out the hard way that just doubling the size of my images and including them as ‘@2x’ images blew the size of my app completely out of proportion. Mosaic Wallpaper Designer currently takes 5.5MB of your space to download it from the App Store. After I have included my reworked images, it grew to around 45MB! Even though this is an universal app and most of the UI is already in Retina resolution to support the iPhone 4 and 4S.

As a coder, I had to search for some tricks to reduce file size of my graphics to make the the file size workable again. Because I don’t think I’m the only one facing this kind of problems, I would like to share some of my experiences with you. For people with a graphical background, this may be pretty obvious, but this article is more targeted at Independent Developers without much of a graphical knowledge. If you have any additions to this article, add a comment below or contact me!
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Now available: Mosaic Wallpaper Designer!

From now on, my new universal iOS app Mosaic Wallpaper Designer is available for download in App Stores worldwide! Check out the information and trailer below to get an impression, or download the app directly from the App Store

With Mosaic Wallpaper Designer, you can design unique wallpapers, using your own pictures. Add your pictures to a variety of grids and scale/move them using multitouch gestures. You can also change the style of the borders to you likings. After you’ve seen a fullscreen preview of your result, you can save the designed wallpaper to your device and share it with your friends via Facebook or Twitter. The workflow of the app is designed to be very easy to use. Your device is personalized in no-time!

Soon available: Mosaic Wallpaper Designer!

Today I will announce a new product, which will go live in the App Store in 2 – 3 weeks from now. With Mosaic Wallpaper Designer you can design your own personal wallpapers, using your own pictures. Add multiple pictures to the grid and resize using multitouch gestures. Because the app is universal, you can design wallpapers for you iPhone, iPod Touch or iPad with one single application! Check out the trailer at the end of this post for a preview!

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[Tutorial] How to post Tweets with iOS5

One of the new features in the upcoming iOS5 is Twitter integration. A user only have to connect to Twitter with his account once. After that, apps have the possibility to post a tweet with the users account. Off course, the user have to agree first. This all happens in a View Controller which developers can access in the TWTweetComposeViewController class. In this tutorial I’m going to show you how to use this class and start using the Twitter integration. You will be surprised how easy this class is to implement. Check the end of this article for a sample project you can download.

I don’t explain all the small details. I’m not going to talk about what IBOutlets are and how to use them, that’s the basic knowledge. Please use Google if you don’t understand these details, they are discussed over and over again!
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[video] First impression on iOS5

After being very excited after Apple’s keynote, I finally had the chance to install iOS5 on my iPad and iPhone. Here is a short video for a first impression. Later on, I will make provide a lot more details. I first have to use iOS5 some more to give a good impression and opinion about the new mobile operating system and it takes some time before everything is synced up the first time over WiFi. Stay tuned!

Who’s covering the WWDC Keynote?

The moment a lot of people have been waiting for is almost here. In just a matter of hours, Apple’s CEO Steve Jobs is going on stage to present us iOS 5, OS X Lion, iCloud and possibly even more cool stuff during his keynote at the WWDC. As always with new Apple products, their have been a lot of rumors, but no one is sure until Apple’s revealed it at their keynote. In this post you will find a list of the biggest news sources who will cover the WWDC keynote live.

Steve Jobs will go on stage at:

  • 10 AM Pacific
  • 12 AM Central
  • 1 PM Eastern
  • 5 PM GMT

A list of some of the biggest news sources to follow the keynote live:

  The Next Web



  Mac Rumors

If you have any tips from other big news sources who will cover the WWDC keynote, leave it in the comments!

What will iOS5 bring us?

This years WWDC will take place from 6 till 10 June. Traditionally, Apple will announce some of their new products and services in a keynote during this event. In the invites they send, Apple made clear that this years keynote will be mainly focused on software: “Join us for a preview of the future of iOS and Mac OS X”. If we can believe the rumors, the coming version of iOS will be changed dramatically. What do I think we can expect from the new iOS?
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