Lockscreen Wallpaper Designer

With Lockscreen Wallpaper Designer you can create the perfect iOS lockscreen


Wallpapers generated with Lockscreen Wallpaper Designer will work great with the iOS parallax effect and will result in a clean looking lockscreen because parts of the screen containing the time and slide-to-unlock are filled with a blur matching the colours of your chosen picture. For different results, you can change the shape of your image and zoom & pan the image to your likings.


9to5mac (full review) – “…I found myself consistently pleased with the results. It’s how I expect to create all my lockscreen photos from now on”

TheNextWeb (full review) – “Even with the iOS 7 lock screen parallax effect on, the photo is still fully visible. In addition, it’s easier to view information such as the current time on the lock screen”

AppAdvice (full review) – “Sick of the minimalist-style clock included with iOS 7 disappearing when a busy background is behind it? Or hate that you can never get your loved ones’ faces in the middle of the lock screen? Your problems have just been solved”

Short demo:

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12 thoughts on “Lockscreen Wallpaper Designer

  1. benbrookshire says:

    Just downloaded the Lockscreen app. Looks great! You have a few misspelled words and grammatical errors in the intro text and saved/confirmation dialogues.

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