[Tutorial] How to post Tweets with iOS5

One of the new features in the upcoming iOS5 is Twitter integration. A user only have to connect to Twitter with his account once. After that, apps have the possibility to post a tweet with the users account. Off course, the user have to agree first. This all happens in a View Controller which developers can access in the TWTweetComposeViewController class. In this tutorial I’m going to show you how to use this class and start using the Twitter integration. You will be surprised how easy this class is to implement. Check the end of this article for a sample project you can download.

I don’t explain all the small details. I’m not going to talk about what IBOutlets are and how to use them, that’s the basic knowledge. Please use Google if you don’t understand these details, they are discussed over and over again!
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[video] First impression on iOS5

After being very excited after Apple’s keynote, I finally had the chance to install iOS5 on my iPad and iPhone. Here is a short video for a first impression. Later on, I will make provide a lot more details. I first have to use iOS5 some more to give a good impression and opinion about the new mobile operating system and it takes some time before everything is synced up the first time over WiFi. Stay tuned!

Who’s covering the WWDC Keynote?

The moment a lot of people have been waiting for is almost here. In just a matter of hours, Apple’s CEO Steve Jobs is going on stage to present us iOS 5, OS X Lion, iCloud and possibly even more cool stuff during his keynote at the WWDC. As always with new Apple products, their have been a lot of rumors, but no one is sure until Apple’s revealed it at their keynote. In this post you will find a list of the biggest news sources who will cover the WWDC keynote live.

Steve Jobs will go on stage at:

  • 10 AM Pacific
  • 12 AM Central
  • 1 PM Eastern
  • 5 PM GMT

A list of some of the biggest news sources to follow the keynote live:

  The Next Web



  Mac Rumors

If you have any tips from other big news sources who will cover the WWDC keynote, leave it in the comments!